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Digital media sites seek streams of new and evergreen content to continually pique the interest of their viewership. To meet that demand, Prattlon Digital Media offers syndication of its content through the PrattlonServiceSuite. 

Our Array of Channels & Network Affiliates

Prattlon continues to develop its media channels and augment its affiliate network of content contributors, encompassing news, politics, entertainment and niche digital content. Explore our expanding lineup... and contact us for more information about bringing Prattlon's syndicated content to your web page.


small businesses:

Prattlon is teaming up with StroLLocaL and GreatPacificReview to offer San Diego-area small businesses publication of your business blog-post featurettes... at no charge!
Your Part:
Be your best expert! Do you sell evil-eye beads or bake specialty cupcakes or brew a specialty blend of Kombucha?  

1. Write 500 - 800 words on the ins and outs of some aspect of your tradecraft or merch. Tell us how the Kombucha is made. Share the lore and meaning behind those beads. Be the expert people want to hear from (include a Byline so we can give credit to you, the expert).

2. Next: List your business specifics (business name; address; telephone; webpage; hours of operation; business specialty; state any personal expertise or years of experience)

3. Take a pertinent photo or two.

4. Email to:

Our Part:
1. We will edit your submission for content, flow, grammar, and punctuation.

2. We will publish your submission on StroLLocaL, GreatPacificReview or other Prattlon digital channels to get your featurette seen and read!

3. We will share links to your featurette on social media to magnify views of your featurette.

  • You get eyeballs reading about your business.
  • We get local content to share with our viewers.

4. Additionally, Prattlon may send a journalist to tape a "video walk-through short" of your business to add multi-media exposure to the uniqueness of your business. 
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